Mstar Ship Agencies, Incorporated was founded in year 2007 and represents MBf Carpenters Shipping Line, CK Line Co.Ltd, Federated Cargo Line Ltd, Lancer Container Line, Newzealand Shipping Line and Samudera Shipping Line in the Philippines.

Our successful growth has been attributed to a well-defined goal, strategic planning, dynamic leadership and a team of self- motivated and well experienced professionals, trained to give the best in addressing customer’s needs.

The office is located in the centre of business and shipping in Central Manila and is manned by an experienced team of people who have serviced the major carriers in the world.

We are knowledgeable team committed to provide our customers the best service they deserve. This will be done with innovation, trade focus and being sensitive to the requirements of our clients.

We are also experienced in handling
Cruise Ships and other Event Vessels.

Liner Container Agency Services/NVOCC

We are able to offer any carrier with the market data in order for it to assess and enable to come
up with the most cost efficient operational plan to fit any port in the Philippines to its service coverage.

Project Logistics

Mstar Ship Agencies, Inc. also play a part in this field and thought operating locally have been able to
participate in intermediate project movements internationally the help of our international partners.

Port Agency Handling / Husbanding

We have the capability to be of service to any island in the Philippines as we have built our business
network throughout the country.

Our team are experienced in handling all types of cargo vessel.
We are aware of various vessel needs and are able to arrange for:

- Bunkering Requirements
- Crew Changes
- Chandling
- Crew Cash Requirements
- Vessel Turnovers to new Owners
- Protective Agency - Spares Delivery
- Emergency Repair Coordination
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